The Cleansing Reign
Dr. Stephen Piechota
Simon Pye Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9819478-5-3


The Cleansing Reign
Life as we knew it is over!

The terms Global Conspiracy, Shadow Government, Illuminati, and Bilderberg have been known for years, but never clearly delineated for public consumption.

As we enter into an age of great transformation, the shadow of oppression comes over the planet. The menacing hand of secular humanism is poised to strangle the spirit of liberty and prevent humanity from reaching its highest potential – A new Spiritual Awareness and the resurrection of the Christ within us. 

“The seed of the Golden Age of the Holy Spirit has been sown in the hearts of man and is ready to blossom and bear the fruit of Spiritual Awakening” – Mary Magdalene.

As you gaze upon the words of this book, let it be known that it is your destiny to do so. For those who find it, evidently you are a seeker, so proceed with an open mind.